bits is a website design and database / software development firm helping clients build stronger customer relationships through web and internet technologies. This has a positive impact on the bottom line and ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

A bits project consists of:

  • structured project planning and budgeting,
  • detailed requirements analysis,
  • professional design and coding,
  • regular project review, and
  • completion on time and within budget.

bits' current and former clients come from all over the world. bits’ has substantial website design experience, ranging from the small, owner-maintained website to database-driven, multilingual, multinational dynamic websites for Fortune 500 clients. A picture is worth a thousand words, so have a look at the portfolio.


William Bunney is the founder of bits and has been working almost exclusively with the web since the mid-90s. In that time, he has successfully launched websites and applications involving multinational social networks, healthcare, professional photography, travel, spatial data, GIS, mapping, transaction processing and sports entertainment. Several sites attracted in excess of one million visitors monthly.